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          ABOUT US
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          Jinxi Yunxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and trader. We are receiving a high reputation among enterprises and businessmen, and are well-known as a manufacturing enterprise of top-grade and value-added products.  With more and more investments in research and development, we are able to produce more and more hi-tech new products now. Sticking to such spirit of "first-class quality and service" and philosophy of "mutual benefits, mutual development" , Yunxiang strives to offer customers all over the world quality product and excellent service; now, our products are well sold in EU, USA, The Middle East, and Southeast Asia, etc. 

          Yunxiang pays much attentions on environment protection. There are leading and reasonable technical methods, complete inspection and sewage treatment facilities in production bases, thus our discharged sewages are completely in accordance with the standards of China. At the same time, Yunxiang establishes complete QA system, thus we have the good ability to produce quality products. Now, we are ranking top position in this industry of China in terms of quality and sales volume, and we are highly appraised by our customers for quality products and excellent service!

          Taking "Be responsible for product, working for customer's satisfaction" as tenet, Yunxiang looks forward to cooperating with customers all around the world for creating a bright future!

          Contact:Mr. Yang Tel: +86-573-8369-3688 Mobile: +86-13505731674 Fax: +86-573-8369-3668
          Add.: C industrial park Jinxi Jiangxi E-mail:yxw183@vip.163.com
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